Friday, August 20, 2010

Bad Ass Web Applications with Forgettable Names

I recently had a string of good luck finding web apps that are well designed and make my job easier (ironically most of them are built on flash). Unfortunately, I can't ever remember their names because they make no sense and I don't use them every day. I was thinking about making a web app to remember them for me, but couldn't find a name that I would remember for that either. And now the purpose of this post is clear.

I'm very picky and probably try hundreds of new apps a year. I've wasted 10s of hours combing through crap, blah, and broken to get down to these tools. Despite the completely forgettable names, these are the few that don't piss me off:
  • Cacoo: Wireframes. The interface reminds me of Gliffy but a little more stylized, hip. If Gliffy is Bill Gates then Cacoo is Steve Jobs.
  • Color Schemer: Ready to go color schemes. It's better than agonizing for hours over color palates.
  • Gliffy: Online version of visio. I assume this is named after some famous rapper or something. Bling bling bitches.
  • Prezi: While it's interesting for presentations, I use it for doing architecture diagrams that are deeply nested. I would not object to gliffy and prezi hooking up and birthing a love child. 
And that's it. Hopefully google indexes this and takes me to this page the next time I search for "that thing that makes diagrams on the web and is flashy". Index it!