Friday, April 4, 2008

3 Click Bug Reporting Policy

Dear Companies that make web software,

As a developer, I know how important it is to get bugs from your users out in "the field", especially all you beta web n.0 site. So, when I come across bugs, I will do my best to let you know what happened in a clear and concise way. However, if I can't find your bug reporting link in 3 clicks, your loss.

For example, I was on YouTube today looking for a preview of the "Short Circuit Remake" and when I searched, the title bar says there are 4 results but only 2 were displayed. Hmmm.... that's odd... I should report that. 4 clicks, 2 Help Center searches, and no email address later I gave up. Sorry GooTube, you're outta here!

Why 3 clicks you say? In reality it should be 1: scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Report a Bug". But I'm feeling generous today on the day I make this new policy so congratulations, you have me for 3 clicks.



UPDATE: admits they have no email to contact them with - you have to mail in your bug reports, along with any requests or talk to their service representative. Yeah right!

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Sandy said...

The good story:

4/3/2008 23:28 UTC - I report vandalism on Karl Rove's wikipedia article (don't ask).

4/4/2008 00:07 UTC - Vandalism is reverted, and vandal is permanently blocked.

The untold story (times estimated):

4/3/2008 23:10 UTC - For some reason, I am reading Karl Rove's wikipedia article. I notice some silly vandalism.

4/3/2008 23:11 UTC - I look in the page history and attempt to revert the vandalism. However, the page is semi-protected so I am prevented from doing so unless I log in.

4/3/2008 23:13 UTC - I create a wikipedia user account and attempt to revert the vandalism. I am instructed that it may be "some time" before I can edit this semi-protected page (because I'm a new user?).

4/3/2008 23:15 UTC - Try again.

4/3/2008 23:20 UTC - Try again.

4/3/2008 23:28 UTC - Report vandalism on the discussion page (see "good story").

4/3/2008 23:30 UTC - I decide to investigate the vandal.

4/3/2008 23:35 UTC - I determine that the vandal gets his kicks by defacing two or three political/celebrity/videogame pages a month, and decide to report him.

4/3/2008 23:36 UTC - Can't figure out where to report. I think I've done this before but I still can't remember how to do it...

4/3/2008 23:45 UTC - Have read much literature about wikipedia's policies and procedures, but still can't figure out where to report the vandal.

4/3/2008 23:50 UTC - Better finish my last ten minutes of work for the day...

4/4/2008 00:07 UTC - Somebody who knows what they're doing takes care of everything (see "good story").